At Lakewood Regional Medical Center, we understand how important it is for seniors to be as active and independent as possible.  Whether you want to maintain your good health or improve your lifestyle after an illness or injury, we offer a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services to help you.

The Heart & Vascular Center at Lakewood Regional Medical Center

Our Heart Institute is committed to helping you and your family live longer, healthier lives.  We offer a comprehensive range of cardiac services from outpatient, non-invasive diagnostic testing to interventional and open heart/cardiac surgery.

Outpatient Testing and Services

Among the outpatient services offered at the Regional Heart Center you'll find electrocardiogram (EKG), echocardiogram, exercise stress test, stress echocardiography, trans-thoracic and transesophageal echocardiography, holter monitoring (ambulatory electrocardiogram), computer imaging/computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), cardiac nuclear imaging (perfusion scan), and tilt table testing.

Cardiac Catheterization/Intervention

Our physicians are trained in some of the latest procedures, including angiography, balloon angioplasty, coronary atherectomy/TEC, and coronary stent placement.

Open Heart/Cardiac Surgery

The Heart Center's cardiac surgeons use some of the latest, minimally invasive operative techniques for valve replacement, coronary and cardiopulmonary bypass.  Plus, our board-certified cardiologists perform pacemaker and cardiac defibrillator implantation.

Lakewood Regional Joint Replacement Center

Whether you suffer from arthritis or you have injured yourself playing sports, orthopedic problems can limit an active lifestyle.  We offer a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis , treatment and rehabilitation of our orthopedic patients.  From the facility to the personnel, our specialized programs focus on improving patient outcomes and treatment success.

At Lakewood Regional Medical Center, we provide high-quality general orthopedic care and specialized treatment in knee and hip replacement, hand and shoulder surgery, and foot and ankle reconstruction.  Plus, our continuum of treatment and recovery services includes inpatient and outpatient care.  Our programs are dedicated to helping people recover to their fullest potential in a supportive setting.  Our post-surgical care helps promote the high level of patient care needed to continually improve function, which includes a comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation program.

Transfusion-Free Medicine and Surgery Program

We believe that medical care should allow for personal choice.  That's why we offer our Transfusion-Free/Bloodless* Medicine and & Surgery Program.

Whether you're uncomfortable sharing blood through transfusions, or your personal or religious convictions prohibit receiving a blood transfusion, we offer you medical and surgical alternatives to meet your needs.

A Dedicated Staff

Lakewood Regional Medical Center physicians and surgeons from many disciplines perform innovative techniques that minimize blood loss.  These physicians have made a special commitment to uphold religious, health or other personal wishes of those who desire transfusion-free health care.  They were specifically approved to participate in our program based on their experience in transfusion-free/bloodless medicine procedures, as well as their dedication to this service.

Advanced Skills and Technology

Alternatives to blood transfusions have been made possible through advances in medical and surgical techniques and technology.  Transfusion-free/bloodless medicine is accomplished through pharmaceutical therapy, blood conservation and meticulous surgical techniques to minimize blood loss.

Dedicated to Your Needs

Our Transfusion-Free/Bloodless Medicine & Surgery Program offers assistance with physician referrals and scheduling of services through our dedicated program coordinator.  Our coordinator will follow each patient from the initial call to discharge and beyond.  Plus, our coordinator educates patients on what to expect during their hospital stay and is available to answer any questions patients or their families may have.

Acute Rehabilitation Program

The Acute Rehabilitation Program at Lakewood Regional Medical Center is designed to help people with catastrophic injuries and illness regain function and independence.

Acute rehabilitation is significantly different than other methods of rehabilitation due to the severe nature of the patient's injury or illness.  Our goal is to help patients learn to resume the activities of daily living despite changes in their physical status.  The Acute Rehab Program re-educates patients on standing, walking, bathing, dressing, getting up from chairs and in and out of cars, meal preparation, and shopping.

Important to each patient's recovery is the participation of family to make the transition to home go smoothly.  Our team works with the patient and family to develop a plan based on the patient's goals and potential for recovery.

Each patient's physician will help families decide whether acute rehabilitation is an appropriate step.  Among the cases treated in our Acute Rehab Program, you'll find: stroke, Parkinson's, hip fractures, amputation, spinal cord injury or tumor, traumatic brain injury, cancer, and emphysema.

Gastrointestinal Services

Many Americans suffer with the discomfort of gastrointestinal (GI) disorders for years instead of taking simple steps to diagnose and treat their condition.  Chronic GI disorders shouldn't dominate your life.  At Lakewood Regional Medical Center, we offer advanced technology, along with a skilled staff, ready to help ease your pain.

The GI tract is a complicated system that may result in disorders that can affect your health.  We treat a broad range of problems including: bowel incontinence, colitis, hemorrhoids, gallbladder stones, irritable bowel syndrome, lesions, polyps (tumors), proctitis, strictures and ulcers.

GI problems may be misdiagnosed without the proper screening procedure.  Lakewood offers several methods for diagnosis and treatment such as: colonoscopy, EGD (upper endoscopy), endoscopic ultrasound, endoscopy, ERCP, sigmoidoscopy and more.

Advances in technology have improved our ability to detect, diagnose and treat your gastrointestinal disorder and make you as comfortable as possible throughout your procedure.

For More Information

We welcome you to contact us for more information about our Senior Services at: 800.813.4345.

For a referral to a physician, please call us at 800.813.4345, 24 hours a day.

*"Bloodless" means medical or surgical treatment without the use of banked (stored) allogenic blood or primary blood components.  Blood loss often occurs during surgery.  A Bloodless Program endeavors to minimize blood loss by utilizing special blood conservation methods.

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