Attending Physicians

Working to train our residents

To produce excellent podiatrists, you need outstanding attending physicians willing to pass on the vast knowledge they've gained from experience in the field of podiatry. Here are our attending physicians who, every year, are training new high-quality podiatrists in the state-of-the-art facilities in the Podiatry Residency Program at Lakewood Regional Medical Center.

Attending physicians

  • Edgar Abbes, DPM
  • Robert Blaine, DPM
  • Dina Casparro, DPM
  • Ira Cohen, DPM
  • Jeremy Cook, DPM
  • Ryan Culver, DPM
  • Steve Eng, DPM
  • Michael Fishman, DPM
  • Victoria Foley, DPM
  • David Graham, DPM
  • Lawrence Hodor, DPM
  • Joseph Hughes, DPM
  • Faye Izadi, DPM
  • Marjorie Khawam, DPM
  • James Lee, DPM
  • Mark Linam, DPM
  • R. Dan Murphy, DPM
  • Lyle Nalli, DPM
  • James Nguyen, DPM
  • Constance Ornelas, DPM
  • Richard Rosenberg, DPM
  • Meyoung Ryu, DPM
  • Eric Travis, DPM
  • Mai Truong, DPM
  • Kenneth Wepman, DPM