What to Bring/What NOT to Bring

Preparing for your visit

It's important to know what items will be necessary for your stay at Lakewood Regional Medical Center. The hospital is ready to meet your basic needs, but there are additional items you will need to bring with you. There are other items you will need to leave at home.

What to bring

  • Pre-registration paperwork
  • Valid photo ID
  • Health insurance card
  • Insurances forms and paperwork, such as authorizations
  • List of medications, dosages and name of the prescribing physician
  • Lab and radiology tests from other facilities
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Loose, comfortable clothing for going home
  • Any necessary personal items such as eyewear, hearing aid or dentures and their containers
  • A copy of any Advance Directives (Living Will, Power of Attorney)
  • Form of payment

What not to bring

  • Jewelry
  • Valuables
  • Cigarettes, alcohol or illegal drugs
  • More than $20 in cash
  • Makeup, perfume or cologne

Your room will be equipped with cable TV, and we will provide you with a hospital gown to wear while you are with us.

If you do bring anything of value to the hospital, notify Admitting or our nursing staff. Our Admitting Department has a safe where your items can be stored. Ask for an itemized receipt if you choose to store items in the safe. Your things can be picked up during the business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Lakewood cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to your personal property; the best solution is to leave your valuables at home.

If you have any questions, please call us at (855) 580-3668.