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Alumni and Graduates

View alumni and graduates of our program

Since 1981, the Lakewood Regional Medical Center Podiatry Residency Program has produced outstanding and highly skilled podiatrists. We're proud of our graduates and alumni and recognize their dedication to the field of podiatry.

Our graduates and alumni:

  • 2020 Adrienne Doi, DPM
  • 2019 Kristina Chang, DPM
  • 2018 Bahar Golshahi, DPM
  • 2017 Corey Housepian, DPN
  • 2016 Dina Casparro, DPM
  • 2015 David Graham, DPM
  • 2014 Faye Izadi, DPM
  • 2013 Merin Yoshida, DPM
  • 2012 Kelly Yu, DPM         
  • 2011 Constance Ornelas, DPM
  • 2010 Ryan Culver, DPM
  • 2009 James Nguyen, DPM
  • 2007 Mie Shirai (One Year)           
  • 2007 Theodore Qozi, DPM
  • 2005 Anjala Kanda, DPM
  • 2004 Farshid Nejad, DPM
  • 2003 Vouch Lun, DPM
  • 2002 Mike Saldino, DPM
  • 2000 Sean Lehmann, DPM            
  • 1999 David Magnesen, DPM
  • 1998 David Ng, DPM
  • 1997 Scott Dewenter, DPM
  • 1996 Scott Bullock, DPM
  • 1995 Lisa Fox, DPM
  • 1994 Terry Hess, DPM
  • 1993 Ron Sorensen, DPM
  • 1992 Nahid Birjandi, DPM
  • 1991 Richard Frost, DPM              
  • 1990 Fred Snyder, DPM
  • 1989 Joe DeRose, DPM
  • 1988 Eric Fuller, DPM
  • 1987 John Chisholm, DPM
  • 1986 Scott Seamans, DPM
  • 1985 Doug Hight, DPM
  • 1984 Dennis Brown, DPM
  • 1983 Larry Hodor, DPM
  • 1982 Bernice Cheng, DPM
  • 1981 Russel Hill, DPM

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