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Lakewood Regional Medical Center is proud to be an integral part of the surrounding community. From orthopedics to cardiac care to urology, we’ve received many designations for quality care. Although we appreciate these prestigious honors, we are most honored by the opportunity to serve you and your loved ones. We’re committed to finding new ways to improve and make our hospital the best place for patients, physicians and employees. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you, and we are here any time you need help.

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Transfusion-Free Surgery

Sep 5, 2019

Community Education by Lakewood Regional Medical Center

Lakewood Regional Medical Center will host a free Lunch & Learn seminar on “Transfusion Free-Surgery” on Saturday, April 29, from 1:00-2:30 p.m. in Conference Center, room B.

The speaker, Dr. Raj Mittal, will present a case study of a successful transfusion-free surgery of a rectal cancer surgery patient with low hemoglobin using the proven transfusion-free protocols during the procedure.

“For religious and health reasons, some members of our community choose not to have a blood transfusion during their surgery,” said Transfusion-Free Medicine and Surgery Program Director Ronald Williams. “At Lakewood Regional Medical Center, it is both my job and mission is to ensure their wishes are honored. I make sure that their medical record reflects their request and all necessary documents are on file.” 

Lakewood Regional Medical Center has established a vibrant blood conservation program spearheaded by a multidisciplinary team of skilled physicians and surgeons. These professionals are committed to blood conservation by using advanced blood conservation devices, pharmaceuticals and meticulous surgical techniques to minimize blood loss during a surgery or procedure.

People who are considering a surgical procedure or a surgery in the future, and who desire medical care without the use of donor blood, can learn more about our Transfusion-Free Medicine and Surgery Program in this free Lunch & Learn seminar. “Dr. Mittal’s presentation is excellent and I want to invite everyone to attend who has an upcoming surgery or just questions about the transfusion-free program here at Lakewood,” said Williams. Seating is limited. To reserve your space, please call
(844) 319-6814 . Click here to register for the event online.  

More information on Lakewood Regional's Transfusion-Free medicine program is availible here.