Dear Valued Patient,

We appreciate the trust you have placed in our hospital in allowing us to care for you. Our records indicate that you are insured by Kaiser. We are reaching out with information that may impact you.

Effective July 1, 2023, Lakewood Regional Medical Center (LRMC) will no longer be considered in-network with Kaiser. This change comes after an abrupt termination by Kaiser, unexpectedly forcing our hospital out of network. Kaiser ended our relationship without giving members a say in the matter.

It is disheartening that with this termination, your local hospital plan choices have been reduced. This could disrupt trusted physician-patient relationships and place undue financial burdens on families as you may be subject to some out-of-network costs if you remain covered by Kaiser.

Kaiser members will lose in-network access to some critical services, although our emergency rooms will always care for you regardless of your health plan.

  • Comprehensive Cardiovascular Care with advanced technology
  • Neurological Services with a DNV Certified Primary Plus Stroke Center
  • Surgical Services including Orthopedics and General Surgery

What you can do:

We understand the importance of maintaining access to the hospital and physicians you know and trust. There may be options for you to consider maintaining in-network access to LRMC. We are currently in-network with all other major health plans.

  • For Medicare Advantage Patients:  We encourage you to consult with your broker or caregiver to find out about alternative insurance carrier options that may be available to you during the Medicare Advantage Annual Enrollment Period which begins October 15, 2023.
  • For Commercial Patients: We encourage you to call your employer’s human resources team to discuss the impact of losing in-network access. If your employer offers other health benefit plans, consider switching to a new plan to maintain in-network access to LRMC.
  • For Medi-Cal Managed Care Patients: We encourage you to try another plan available to you, you can change it at any time. To switch, call Medi-Cal Health Care Options at 1-800-430-4263.

Thank you again for the privilege of caring for you at our hospital.


Virg Narbutas CEO,
Lakewood Regional Medical Center