Laboratory & Pathology Services Welcomes New Director

Sep 5, 2019

Lakewood Regional Medical Center is proud to announce the appointment of Norma A. Martin, as Director of Laboratory & Pathology Services. With a total of 31 years in the laboratory profession, Martin brings her experience and her love for the job to LRMC.

Her proven processes include improvements that can hone the efficiency of the lab services. With a sharp eye on quality, Martin is eager to implement her practices at the Lab. “I love maintaining higher quality standards to deliver the highest quality test results to our patients,” said Martin.

A strong interest in community outreach spurs Martin to make sure the Laboratory & Pathology Services is involved in opportunities such as health fairs and community seminars. “I think the community deserves a pay-back,” said Martin.

In the future, Norma dreams of returning to Guam for a short-term medical trip to fulfill a deeply personal vision of hosting her own lab to provide urgent care to the underprivileged people who desperately need medical care. “I look forward to providing these services in memory of my dear, departed son,” she said.

“On behalf of the administration and staff of Lakewood Regional Medical Center, I would like to warmly welcome Norma Martin to our team. I appreciate the experience and skills she brings and I look forward to working with her in days ahead,” said Lakewood Regional Medical Center’s CEO John Grah.

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