Transfusion-Free Surgery

Sep 5, 2019

Community Education by Lakewood Regional Medical Center

Lakewood Regional Medical Center will host a free Lunch & Learn seminar on “Transfusion Free-Surgery” on Saturday, April 29, from 1:00-2:30 p.m. in Conference Center, room B.

The speaker, Dr. Raj Mittal, will present a case study of a successful transfusion-free surgery of a rectal cancer surgery patient with low hemoglobin using the proven transfusion-free protocols during the procedure.

“For religious and health reasons, some members of our community choose not to have a blood transfusion during their surgery,” said Transfusion-Free Medicine and Surgery Program Director Ronald Williams. “At Lakewood Regional Medical Center, it is both my job and mission is to ensure their wishes are honored. I make sure that their medical record reflects their request and all necessary documents are on file.” 

Lakewood Regional Medical Center has established a vibrant blood conservation program spearheaded by a multidisciplinary team of skilled physicians and surgeons. These professionals are committed to blood conservation by using advanced blood conservation devices, pharmaceuticals and meticulous surgical techniques to minimize blood loss during a surgery or procedure.

People who are considering a surgical procedure or a surgery in the future, and who desire medical care without the use of donor blood, can learn more about our Transfusion-Free Medicine and Surgery Program in this free Lunch & Learn seminar. “Dr. Mittal’s presentation is excellent and I want to invite everyone to attend who has an upcoming surgery or just questions about the transfusion-free program here at Lakewood,” said Williams. Seating is limited. To reserve your space, please call
(844) 319-6814 . Click here to register for the event online.  

More information on Lakewood Regional's Transfusion-Free medicine program is availible here.

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