When is it Time to Consider Bariatric Revision Surgery?

Sep 5, 2019

While it doesn’t happen often, some patients may need to have a prior weight loss surgery revised. If you have had bariatric surgery and have run into problems, or are unhappy with your overall results, Lakewood Regional Medical Center offers bariatric revision weightloss surgery. Every person who has undergone weight loss surgery is unique and there is no "one size fits all" and you may be in one or all of the following categories:

  • Have had bariatric surgery and have moved away from where your initial program is located.
  • Have had bariatric surgery with another program and have gained a significant amount of your initial weight back again.
  • Have had your original bariatric surgeon leave the service area and need follow-up care. 
  •  Feel like your current program is no longer meeting your weight loss needs.

If you feel you are in one of these categories you are welcome to attend one of our Free Weight Loss Seminars.

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