Diagnostic Testing

Monitoring your health with imaging services

Diagnostic imaging is a minimally invasive way to detect and monitor a variety of health conditions, and Lakewood Regional Medical Center has the state-of-the-art technology to provide the imaging you need. Our Diagnostic Imaging Services Department offers: 

  • Inpatient and outpatient services
  • General diagnostic radiography
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Ultrasound, three-dimensional CT and MRI imaging
  • Cardiac MR imaging
  • Breast imaging and digital mammography
  • A Vascular and Interventional Radiology (VIR) lab 

Images can be sent to, and viewed in, your physician’s office. In most cases, your report is sent to your physician on the same day as your appointment. 

Vascular and Interventional Radiology (VIR) lab 

In the VIR lab, minimally invasive procedures are performed using the guidance of imaging. Our radiologists are experts in this field and provide personalized service in a safe and secure hospital environment. Some of the procedures performed in the lab include: 

  • Venous access — This allows your physician to deliver medicine directly into your bloodstream. We implant chest and arm ports for central venous catheters (CVCs), which are used to receive infusion chemotherapy. We also insert PICC lines, in which the catheter tube is outside your body.
  • Vascular procedures — These include angioplasty, stenting and thrombectomy (surgical removal of a blood clot in a vein).
  • Non-vascular procedures — These include CT-guided biopsies, the embolization of uterine fibroids, widening of airways through balloon dilatation and the placement of nephrostomy tubes.
  • Dialysis access management and maintenance — This includes the removal, exchange and repair of catheters; treatment of central venous blockage; and management of dialysis grafts and fistulas. 

To find out how the VIR lab can accommodate your specific needs, you or your physician can call one of our radiologists at (562) 602-6810. For more general information, call (855) 580-3668.

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