Tests & Screenings

Receiving an accurate diagnosis is the first step in designing a treatment plan for your specific disease or condition. At Lakewood Regional Medical Center, we offer a range of screenings and tests to help reach that diagnosis. Among them are:


This test uses low-energy X-rays to scan the lower back, hip or forearm. This helps to diagnose osteoporosis, a disease that weakens bones and makes them more brittle and susceptible to fracture.


A CT scan combines X-rays and computer scans to create images of the body. The result is a detailed image that can show problems with soft tissues, organs and bones. It has the ability to produce CTA studies (angiography) of the aorta and pulmonary arteries. Additionally, this CT system has an independent workstation for 3-D multi-format imaging.


Digital mammography uses X-rays to visualize abnormalities in breast tissue.The equipment is used to detect breast cancer as early as possible, which generally improves the effectiveness of treatment.


The 3D mammography uses multiple low-dose images to create a three-dimensional view of the breast. This procedure allows the doctor to examine the breast layer by layer.  Fine details are more clearly visible because they are no longer hidden by the tissue above and below.


An MRI provides detailed pictures of the inside of the body using strong magnets and radio waves. It  is notable for its ability to provide greater spatial resolution of images.


This breast cancer imaging option produces stereo images — images of the same area from different angles. This helps to determine the exact location for the biopsy, where a sample of breast tissue is then removed with a needle.


Ultrasound technology uses sound waves to produce 3D/4D images of the inside of the body, such as the uterus of an expectant mother.


An X-ray uses a small amount of radiation to create images of bones and organs. Call (855) 580-3668 or use our Find A Physician tool to be connected to a heart care specialist who can help you. You can also read more about heart diseases and conditions in our Health Library.