Sports Medicine

Get back in the game with our sports medicine program

If you’ve suffered a sports injury, we’re here to get you back in the game. The sports medicine program at Lakewood Regional Medical Center is designed to get you off the sideline. Our program offers you: 

  • Highly experienced physicians and nurses
  • Expert assessments and therapies you need
  • Minimally invasive surgical options, if needed 

Torn ligaments, sprains and decreased mobility can all be addressed by our sports medicine program. Athletes and non-athletes can find relief through our wide range of treatments and services. 

We will explore nonsurgical options first. These options can include medication, physical therapy and rehabilitation, all of which are available to you within our network. 

If surgery is recommended, our specialized team can provide the expert care you're looking for. We use innovative solutions to make your surgery as minimally invasive as possible, with the goal of speeding recovery time and decreasing post-operative pain.

Find out about the variety of conditions we may treat in our sports medicine program.
Quality care begins with the advanced testing you need, all in one convenient location.
Receive a personalized treatment plan for your sports-related injuries.