Bloodless Program Management

Committed to communicating your needs

The Blood Conservation Program manager works diligently to ensure your choice for bloodless medicine is understood and respected, working with your surgeon and other healthcare staff at Lakewood Regional Medical Center to facilitate this. 

Our program manager is familiar with the various reasons, such as religious ones, for choosing bloodless care and is dedicated to communicating your needs throughout the consultation, admission and procedure process. You can expect: 

  • Continued communication of your needs with surgeon and staff
  • Assistance with physician referral
  • Assistance with outpatient services, family accommodations and scheduling
  • Continuing resource of information on bloodless care 

Our current program manager, Ron Williams, is available to answer your questions and to guide you and your family through the process of a bloodless procedure. For more information on the Blood Conservation Program or to schedule a consultation, call (855) 580-3668.