Treatments & Procedures

Our physicians and specialists at Lakewood Regional Medical Center are dedicated to providing you with individualized treatment and prevention plans for osteoporosis and other bone conditions.

Among the most common bone-related treatments and procedures at Lakewood:


Exercise is any form of physical activity that maintains or enhances the overall health and wellness of an individual. Exercise can include walking, dancing, sports and gardening.


Forteo is a treatment option for osteoporosis. It's available for use in women who are at high risk for bone fractures.

Selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMS)

SERMs are compounds that block the effects of estrogen. If estrogen is not attached to a cell, the cell will not grow and multiply.

Strontium treatment

Strontium is a trace element found in soil and seawater that appears to have similar properties as calcium. For this reason, strontium can be used as a treatment for osteoporosis.

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