Cardio Services

  • Diagnostic Services — We offer a range of diagnostic tests including Echocardiology, Stress tests, EKG, pulmonary function testing, imaging, Chest x-ray, calcium CT scoring, Ultrasound, angiography, MRI and a full range of respiratory therapy. 
  • Screenings — Your cardiologist may recommend a series of tests of screenings to help measure heart health. Tests may include cholesterol, genetic/metabolic testing, urine analysis.
  • Interventional Cardiology — These specialists are trained in minimally invasive treatments that reverse, heal or stop heart disease progression.

Vascular Care

Our vascular and venous treatment team offers advanced treatment of vascular and venous disease through vascular/endovascular surgery and interventional cardiology.


Electrophysiology is the management of the heart’s rhythm. The electrophysiologists (arrhythmia specialists) of Lakewood Regional Medical Center work with patients who suffer from heart disturbances, providing a full range of services from diagnosis through recovery.

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