Urology Surgery

A focus on saving lives and preserving function

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, the expert urology surgery staff at Lakewood Regional Medical Center can guide you through your surgical options. Services include:

  • Traditional open surgery, conventional laparoscopic surgery or da Vinci® prostatectomy (a laparoscopic robotic surgery)
  • Advanced robotic surgical techniques and equipment
  • Compassionate, experienced urology surgeons and staff

Although traditional open surgery or conventional laparoscopic may be required, minimally invasive robotic surgery has been shown to substantially reduce post-operative pain while hastening recovery.

The primary goal of prostate cancer surgery, or prostatectomy, is to remove the cancer. A secondary goal is to preserve the nerves that run along the prostate and thus preserve urinary function, and when applicable, erectile function.

Types of prostate cancer surgery

For men age 70 and younger with early-stage, organ-confined cancer, surgical removal of the prostate using nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy is usually recommended.

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