Master Class: noun. A class given by an expert to highly talented students.

At Lakewood Regional Medical Center, our expertise in providing quality health care to our community is evidenced by the generations of families that have made us their hospital of choice for more than 40 years.

The FREE Master Class at Lakewood Regional Medical Center is our way of recognizing YOU as an essential part of our legacy. Allowing you to take advantage of a variety of ‘perks,’ the Master Class program is our way of saying Thank You while simultaneously promoting a healthy lifestyle for our community members who are “50 or better.”

As a highly talented student in this thing called life, Lakewood Regional Medical Center is honored to support your health and well-being at every step of your journey.

Master Class Benefits

Membership in the exclusive Master Class program at Lakewood Regional Medical Center includes the following benefits:

  • Skilled, licensed experts conveniently available to answer Medicare questions
  • Special invitations to all health education,screenings and social events
  • Complimentary receipt of exclusive Master Class e-newsletter
  • Access to volunteering opportunities Lakewood Regional Medical Center Master Class members also receive special offerings provided by:
  • Local Restaurants
  • Merchants
  • Free Physician Led Seminars
  • Free Health Education Classes
  • Social Events
  • Free Support Group

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